Reverse Dieting Update

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, so I thought it was time to share how the reverse diet was going along with other thoughts and updates.

Reverse Diet  
I started my conservative reverse diet back in May, and in that time I’ve been able to hit some small milestones regarding weight loss and caloric increases.  Right now I’m at 1,904 calories per day and am so close to hitting my next milestone of 2,000 calories!

The human body is an amazing work of art, and I love learning how it reacts to changes in nutrition and energy expenditure.  A few weeks back, I increased my calories and saw weight gain during the week.  I remained at the same calorie level for an additional week and saw the weight start to decrease again.  This meant my body established a new “homeostasis” or maintenance level as my metabolism increased. More food was required to maintain my weight, which gave me the opportunity to increase my calories again the following week!

The same thing occurred last week, so I’ve remained at my current caloric level for two weeks to see if my body hits homeostasis again.  Until that happens, I’m actually doing a very lean bulk as I’m eating at a very slight surplus.  I have noticed a slight decrease in muscle definition as I believe my body is gaining small amounts of fat, but hopefully I can keep that to a minimum as I continue with the reverse diet.

When looking at a chart, it’s easy to see how my weight is starting to level off, meaning I’ll more frequently be hitting maintenance calories and entering a slow bulk.  Below is a chart of my tracked weight since the start of the reverse.screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-8-30-08-amIt’s interesting to note the spikes in weight, as those are typically Mondays.  🙂  I use Sunday as my “refeed/free” days, where I’m much looser with my tracking and indulge in a few extra treats.  The following day, the scale is representative of the extra glycogen my muscles have accumulated from the refeed.

I believe the scale will begin trend upward more frequently from here on out.  I figured I would continue pushing my calories for a few more weeks until I hit 2,000 and then do a mini-cut to strip off some fat.  However, I’m now contemplating having fun with a slow bulk and continuing to push my calories as much as I can until I gain a certain amount of weight.  Perhaps I should set my next goal to do a mini-cut whenever my average weight for the reverse hits 125 lbs.  My current average is 119.6, so I’m not too far off.

I’d also like to move away from the scale as I’ve been tethered to tracking my weight daily for months.  Weighing yourself every day can be taxing on the emotions, so I have to constantly remind myself that the scale isn’t an indicator of my body composition.  Instead, I need to rely on how my clothes fit and how I look in pictures.

Speaking of non-scale tracking methods, I have been keeping loose track of my measurements as well, and have seen a slight uptick in my numbers.  While my arms, chest and legs remain about the same, my natural waist and mid-section have increased a bit.  I’ve been struggling with that fact as my belly has always been my problem area.  I’m not 100% sure if it’s muscle growth or fat gained, since I never actually hit my goal of a completely toned mid-section.  I still have a few pockets of stubborn fat, which makes gauging slight changes difficult.

General Updates
Lately, I’ve also been focused on a large, personal project (it’s nothing bad, I promise!), but am waiting for things to be final before I post anything about it.  I can say this project has been very time consuming and has caused me to put my certifications on hold for the time being.  I’m still working with a few people who reached out for coaching services, and am hoping to continue growing my client base over time.

I’m also making progress on the cook book, but it’s slow-going.  Writing up the recipes is easy enough, but I struggle with getting the images as it requires me to actually make each of the recipes in order to do so.  LOL….  It was also requested that I include a few other recipes I’ve talked about in the past, so a bit more experimenting and documenting needs to occur before they’re “recipe ready”.

Wow…..sorry for the long post! I didn’t think I had this much to say!  Have a day and enjoy your weekend!

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