Client Success

Below are a few success stories from people I’ve coached and helped to develop a healthier lifestyle. While I’d love to take all the credit, these individuals made the decision every day to change their lives.  Their determination and dedication allowed them to achieve the results and reach their goals.  I’m just honored to be able to help them along the way by sharing knowledge and motivation!

Heather’s Story
After having my third baby, I never thought I would get back to my pre-baby size. The portion control, specific exercises and dietician tips/plan from Karla not only put me at my pre-baby weight — but my body is now toned and in the best shape it’s ever been in. Thank you, Karla!

Here are some before and after shots of Heather’s success!

Comparison Shot
(Left: Prior to 21 Day Fix | Right: After completing 2 rounds)

Heather has been prepping to compete in the Mrs. America pageant in Las Vegas on August 27th, 2016. Here she is at the Mrs. Missouri America pageant, where she took the crown!


Melissa’s Story
Two years ago, when my doctor told me I was borderline pre-diabetic, I internally thought, “Oh heck no… I do not want to become diabetic.” I was my heaviest… 186 lbs. It was time for a change, so I started to eat less processed foods, yet I didn’t pull the trigger to join a gym. I remembered back in 2004, when I was a Gold’s Gym member how much time and effort it took, and I currently was too busy. (those pesky excuses!)

Karla had mentioned Beachbody to me and had started with the 21 Day Fix in May 2015. I will admit, I was skeptical of her efforts. VERY SKEPTICAL. How could exercising 30 minutes a day and portion control through a container system work? And the containers seemed confusing. And I’ve seen infomercials on the Beachbody programs and you know those infomercial products NEVER work. It cost too much money upfront. The gym 15 minutes away from me is only $10 a month. I just need to get myself to a gym because I eat healthy. I was making excuses. Still!

But the more I saw Karla’s progress and her enthusiasm, the more I became intrigued. Not to mention, it was 3 months later and still… hadn’t joined a gym. Finally, I said screw it, I bought 21 Day Fix Essential Package in August 2015 and started the day after my birthday… when I was 180 lbs.

Through Karla’s amazing support and guidance, (we messaged back and forth a lot during that first month!) and Facebook group, it helped me keep on track… especially the online group. We were holding each other accountable by posting our workout each day and sharing photos of our meals. I quickly learned although I eating healthy, it wasn’t the right portions… nutrient wise and protein wise. I was shocked to lose 10 lbs during my first round of 21 Day Fix… more weight than I had lost in an entire year. I’ve gained a better understanding of what I eat, an appreciation for lifting weights + balanced workouts and an overall healthier lifestyle. (Hello macros! I heart you IIFYM!)

Now, I’m 42 lbs lighter than I was two years ago. I also fit into my dream size… 6! I know I would not have been able to do it without an amazing support system. My goal is shed a few more pounds and a flatter stomach which I KNOW it can be done. Thanks Karla for leading the way because I would have not been able to do it myself! Oh and by the way, no longer pre-diabetic. 🙂 melissa


5 rounds of 21 Day Fix | containers
2 rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme | containers

21 Day Fix Extreme | IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros)

August 2015
Pants – 10 or 12 | Tops – M or L | 180lbs

August 2016
Pants – 4 or 6 | Tops – XS or S | 144lbs


Connie’s Story
I was midway through being 41 and started having significant back and knee pain. I knew it was my weight, and I needed to do something soon before it became worse. Karla was starting out as a coach at that time and suggested trying 21 Day Fix. Starting with this program and others (Fix Extreme, PiYo, and now ChaLEAN Extreme), along with her insightful suggestions, she helped me loose weight and inches. I recently switched from the Fix containers to macronutrients (again with Karla’s help) and have lost more. It’s close to a year from making this lifestyle change, and I’ve lost 50 lbs and close to 27 inches all around, mainly in my mid section. My back and knees no longer ache.  I feel much better overall and have more energy. I went from a size 16 curvy fit to a 10 regular fit in pants, and extra large shirts to medium. And I feel comfortable wearing shorts again! It took work, and I got frustrated at times, but Karla was there with support and a positive “you got this” attitude. And when people ask how, I tell them my story and highly recommend Karla as a coach to help them out. I appreciate all she’s done to help me become healthier and happier!

Comparison Shots
13951019_10209998002129979_2020783753_o  13950883_10209998002289983_2140917395_o
(Left Side: August 2016 | Right Side: August 2015)