A collection of helpful websites and other tools with valuable information and tips.


  • IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros)
    Great website with lots of articles and calculators around tracking macronutrients.
    Website with a wealth of knowledge around body building, cutting fat, building muscle, and other related topics.  It also contains a store with lots of supplements and a forum.
    This site has loads of information around flexible dieting and is a great reference to all things macro-related.
  • TheMacroExperiment
    Cait went through the same process as me and created an entire website to document her experiment.  She has the same love of food as I do, and is developing quite a following.
  • OnTheRegimen
    Mike is another online coach, who is witty, and has a fresh take on tracking macros.
  • BodyRecomposition
    Body recomposition is still relatively new, as there are no definite studies on the process, but it essentially involved slowly building muscle while cutting fat.  This website explains how the process works in theory, and references people who have successfully accomplished it.
  • BioLayne
    Layne Norton is one of these main names you’ll hear when  you begin researching nutrition and body building.  He has a PhD and is well-known for his videos and coaching services.
  • AvatarNutrition
    Dr. Norton created this site with Mark Springer to provide members an easy way to track their progress using flexible dieting and reverse dieting.  With formulas created by Dr. Norton, the site will automatically adjust your macros based on your progress.  Members also have access to exclusive recipes, articles and videos.
  • Bliss Eleven Studio
    Laurie is a wizard with the camera and a great resource for any photography needs.  She specializes in family shoots, weddings, senior portraits and has most recently gotten into fitness photography.