In addition to offering basic coaching services, I’m also an independent Beachbody coach!  If you’ve ever heard of P90X, PiYo, Shakeology or the 21 Day Fix, Beachbody is the parent company responsible for these programs.

I will never push anyone to purchase something they don’t need, but I am happy to discuss any Beachbody program, supplement or equipment for those who are interested.

I truly believe in the Beachbody suite of products and their methodology around the home workout and portion control diets.  The 21 Day Fix was my first foray into Beachbody, and I found the systems extremely easy to use, fun and most importantly, effective!

This page lists the various programs I’ve completed, along with links for more information on each one.

Workout Programskr_0169

  • 21 Day Fix
    7 fun and different cardio and resistance workouts + portion control container system.
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme
    7 challenging but fun cardio and resistance workouts + portion control container system.
  • PiYO
    Combines pilates and yoga moves to increase strength and flexibility using your own body weight.
  • Hammer & Chisel
    Resistance training program that combines some cardio with weightlifting. Follows the same portion control container system as the 21 Day Fix.
  • 22 Minute Hardcore
    Military style workout that is structured like basic training.
  • Body Beast
    Strength training program with limited cardio. Follows a portion meal plan similar to the 21 Day Fix, but doesn’t use containers.

I also highly recommend signing up for Beachbody OnDemand as it allows you access to stream 100s of additional programs!  It’s $2.99/week, and you are billed quarterly.  Extremely worth it as it contains loads of new programs, information on the trainers, informative and fun shows, etc.

NEW! You can now access ALL OnDemand programs for just $99/year!  Check out the link below for all purchasing options!

> Beachbody OnDemand

Supplements & Nutrition

  • Shakeology
    Essentially a protein shake, multivitamin, contains many super foods +  FIBER. I think it’s delicious and also versatile as it can be used in various treats and snacks.
  • Energize
    Pre-workout energy drink.  Tasty and helps keep you energized throughout the workout!
  • Recover
    Great chocolate protein shake to help relieve muscles after a challenging resistance training session.