Uphill Journey to Competition: Episode 2

Slight delay, but here is the next installment of my video series!  Below the video link, I’ve also shared my “before” pictures.  These images were taken at the start of my contest prep.  I’ve also included my stats.  We’ll see how these values change as we progress through prep!

Beginning Stats (as of January 8, 2018)

The below images show the four main poses for figure competing.  I still have a lot of practice to do on posing, but I’ll get there!  Anyway, you can see the extra fluff I’ve accumulated in my mid-section and face.  I’ve seen the greatest amount of muscle growth in my quads, so I’m hoping I can narrow out my waist to make my shoulders look a bit broader.  We still have 4+ months to go, so that’s plenty of time….I hope!
Weight: 126.8
Body Fat: 18.3%
Chest: 32.25″
Waist (around belly button): 29″
Hips: 33″
Right bicep: 11″
Left bicep: 11.25″
Right thigh: 20.5″
Left thigh: 20.25″



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