Body Beast Results & Next Steps

Body Beast Results
I began a full 90-day round of Body Beast on 9/24/16 and decided to follow the Huge Beast schedule, since I planned to do a lean bulk.  I increased my calories/macros each week, and while I expected to gain weight and lose some definition, I was also hoping to gain strength.

Overall, I did gain weight, but my measurements stayed almost the same. In the picture, you can see my muscle definition has decreased slightly (left is from 9/24, right is from 12/18), but I also took the picture after my rest day. I was up 4 pounds, which is typical following a rest day…since I eat a bit more loosely.  I gained an additional 7-8 pounds during the holidays and weighed just over 130 as of this weekend!

Start / End
Date: 9-24-16 / 12-18-16
Calories: 1,904 / 2,180
Weight: 119.6 / 123.2
Body fat: 16.5% / 17.5%
Chest: 32″ / 32″
Natural Waist: 25.5″ / 26″
Around Belly Button: 27″ / 28″
Hips: 32″ / 32″
Thighs: 19″ / 19″
Calves: 13″ / 13″
Arms” 9.5″ / 10″


The first place I gain weight is in my mid-section, which has always been my problem area. You can see during that’s where I’ve increased in inches. While I still wear the same clothing size, I did increase around the waist, which is most likely a combination of fat and muscle. While my other measurements did remain about the same, I did gain a slight bit of muscle in my arms, which is consistent with the increases I made in weights.

I’m most surprised that I didn’t increase in the chest/back. I made the most strength gains there (presses, pull-ups, deadlifts, etc.), but saw virtually no change in size.

I did one more week of the “extra” Body Beast workouts, and began another training break this week.  I also decreased my calories by 15% (since I’m not lifting) and am hoping my weight will normalize again.  

Next Steps
Starting Monday, January 1st, I’ll start a new program I’m looking forward to.  I’m going to start with a program called Fierce 5 that I found on  It has you lifting three days a week, and I plan to supplement it with Core de Force as cardio on the “off days”.  I will stick with the lower macros for another week or two as I need a mini-cut to get rid of some of the “cookie fat” I’ve put on.  Ideally, I’ll go back to increasing my calories with a goal of reaching 2,500-3,000 by the end of March.  At that time, I’ll switch to a “major-cut” ahead of Beachbody’s SUMMIT in July!

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