Welcome to Solana Fitness!

In May 2015, I began a journey to develop a healthier lifestyle by changing my eating habits and incorporating daily workouts. Not only did I see results, but my entire outlook on eating and exercise changed!  Also to my surprise, other people wanted to go on this journey with me!  

I’ve created Solana Fitness to share more about the programs I’ve used, and to provide a central location for updates regarding my transformation, coaching services, workout programs, recipes and more!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site!

– “Coach” Karla


11/08/2017 – Cookbooks are in!  Order yours today!

6/17/2017 – New recipe posted! Also, I’m 3-weeks out from my first show….the Beachbody Classic!  I hope to document this experience so I can help others through prep, etc.  I’ll also be posting a physique update as it’s been a while!

3/09/2017 – Recipe sneak peek available now on my blog!  If you like chocolate, donuts and protein, this recipe’s for you!

9/23/2016 – I’ll be starting another round of Body Beast on Monday, September 26th!  This time I plan to follow the Lean Beast schedule.  Let me know if you’re interested in joining me!