Solana Fitness is now LIVE!

After months of planning, I’m so excited to finally launch Solana Fitness!  I’ve been dabbling with offering coaching services for a number of months and decided to make it more formal!  Firstly, I’ll address some “burning” questions you may have.  🙂

Am I keeping my day job?
Yes. At least for now!  I found I love learning about fitness nutrition and resistance training, and I want to do more with it.  However, it will take time to get the certifications and experience I need, so maybe one day I can do this full time.

What’s going to happen to Studio Solana?
Nothing! I plan to continue my crafty endeavors!  The number of craft shows I do each fall/winter may decrease a bit, but I still fully intend to melt glass, knit fibers, sew and just craft in general!

Why should I hire you as a coach?
If you’ve been trying to lose weight, or always gravitate to the diet/flavor of the month with little results, I can help you navigate the sea of information on the internet and give you some basic things to try.  I’ve also been told I’m a great motivator, and I do enjoy challenging and supporting people along their journeys!

How do I learn more?
Visit the Coaching page on this site to see what services I’m offering.  I also plan to blog/write informational articles from time to time, so be sure to follow me on Facebook and RSS feeds for the latest content!  I’ll even be posting some exclusive recipes that I’ve developed.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  For now, explore the site, read my blog (I documented my macro experiment and am currently documenting my reverse diet experiment), and check out the Resources section for more information!

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