Macro Experiment: Week 8 (5/9/16-5/15/16)

Hard to believe that after 8 weeks, my macro experiment is COMPLETE!  It’s been such an eye-opening journey, and I learned so much!  The weeks flew by, and it was exciting to see my body change as a result!  I learned so much about cutting, macros, protein, refeeds, carb-cycling, and most importantly….patience!  Never in a million years did I think my body could look the way it does now, and I give all the glory to God, who gave me the strength to persevere!

Here are my final results!


In addition to the decreased weight and body fat, I also 2.5″ from my natural waist and around my belly button!  This is a huge accomplishment as the area around my belly has always been problematic.

Also, I should note the slight uptick in weight during the last week was from going over my carb macro.  While I was still under my calorie limit, I ate more carbs than protein, which resulted in some glycogen being replenished.  Also, I failed to hit my fiber goal, which compounded the issue.

Check out my progress pic!  The toning up is definitely noticeable in the waist and arms.  🙂

Next Steps: Reverse Dieting & Body Recomposition

Now that this leg of my fitness journey is complete, it’s time to start the next one! I didn’t quite hit my goal, but I don’t want to continue “cutting” (burning fat) much longer as it can damage the metabolism.  I’ll talk more about Reverse Dieting in a future post, as I’ll be documenting that journey as the “Reverse Diet Experiment”.  🙂

For now, I plan to do one more week of my current Hammer & Chisel workouts while slightly upping my carbs.  I don’t plan to cycle my carbs on training days and will remain at the lower calorie range throughout the week.  The main reason for this is because I’m attending a retreat this coming weekend, which will put a strain on my schedule and eating habits.  As such, I plan to workout Monday-Friday, taking Saturday as my rest day.  I hope to do some sort of yoga or pilates while at the retreat, but that may be difficult due to the location.

During the week of May 23rd, I’ll take a slight break off from any structured plan and will dabble in doing my own weight circuits and/or trying out new workouts from BeachBody.  I still plan to stick to my current macros, and will fully jump into Reverse Dieting on Memorial Day!

That closes out my posts on my Macro Experiment!  If you have any questions, or would like help with setting your macros, please feel free to contact me!  I’d love to help!

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